Certified Health IT Developer Transparency

A more transparent health IT marketplace can promote competition, discourage information blocking, and make developers accountable to the needs of health care professionals and other health IT purchasers.

Under certification rules established by ONC on January 14, 2016, developers must publicly disclose detailed information about their certified health IT products, including limitations and types of costs that a purchaser or user may encounter in the course of implementing or using the developer's technology. Developers must also make a Transparency Attestation indicating whether they will take additional voluntary actions to increase transparency regarding their products and business practices. This includes proactively providing meaningful information to prospective customers and to organizations that publish comparative information and tools for the benefit of health IT purchasers.

The list below, which is updated weekly, provides hyperlinks to each developer's mandatory disclosure statement and indicates the developer's response to the Transparency Attestation. Developers' disclosures must also be made prominently on their websites and in their marketing materials. Additional information, including information about developers' compliance with these requirements, is available on ONC's Certified Health IT Product List.

Note: Sort Developer column to alphabetize developer names in the table. Sort Transparency Attestation to order the table by attestation. The hyperlinks in Public Product Disclosure(s), when clicked, will navigate you to that developer's official website. That web page will appear in a new window.

Table Notes:
(*) Developer is a self-developer and exempt from the disclosure requirements. See 45 CFR § 170.523(k)(1)(v).
(^) Developer has not made an attestation as required by 45 CFR § 170.523(k)(2). The Developer will be subject to corrective action procedures initiated by its ONC-Authorized Certification Body.

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Source: ONC Certified Health IT Product List: February 27, 2017. https://chpl.healthit.gov/.