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Practice Transformation Support for Clinicians

Federally funded sources of technical assistance to support clinicians in practice transformation activities
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The Practice Transformation Support for Clinicians dashboard visualizes states through the map, below, where technical assistance is available to health care providers for practice transformation activities. You can view all available technical assistance in a state by selecting a state on the 'All Technical Assistance' map. You can also view maps of individual programs by selecting a program in the drop-down menu provided, below. Upon your selection from the menu, a new map of available technical assistance for that program will appear.

All Technical Assistance
Number of TA organizations per state

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Technical assistance includes TA related to HHS Delivery System Reform initiatives and programs. These include: Advance Interoperable Health Information Technology Services to Support Health Information Exchange, Community-based Care Transitions Program, EvidenceNOW, Health IT Regional Extension Centers Program, Hospital Engagement Network, Quality Improvement Network-Quality Improvement Organizations, and Transforming Clinical Practices Initiative.

1 -20 organizations

Nationwide Resources:

In addition to state-specific TA resources, HHS provides nationwide assistance through the PQRS Help Desk and Physician Value Modifier Help Desk. Get direct contact information (phone and e-mail) through

PQRS Help Desk (QualityNet Help Desk): general PQRS information; Physician and Other Health Care Professionals Quality Reporting Portal (Portal); feedback report availability; IACS registration questions and login issues.

Physician Value Modifier Help Desk: CMS provides extensive outreach through CMS website educational materials, national provider calls, listserv emails, and operates a helpdesk through its contractor, Northrop Grumman. Extensive confidential feedback reports are provided to solo practitioners and groups on a semi-annual basis, and telephone contact information for assistance in understanding the reports in included.


HHS program data. See individual programs for access to primary data sources.


This dashboard includes data for 8 HHS technical assistance programs that provide practice transformation support for clinicians:

Advance Interoperable Health Information Technology Services to Support Health Information Exchange (ONC),
Community-based Care Transitions Program (CMS),
EvidenceNOW (AHRQ),
Health IT Regional Extension Centers Program (ONC),
Hospital Engagement Network (CMS),
Quality Improvement Network-Quality Improvement Organizations (CMS), and
Transforming Clinical Practices Initiative (CMS).

Use the drop-down to select a specific technical assistance program to view individual program's activities in U.S. states.