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ONC Budget Performance Measure Data

The dataset contains all the current and historical performance measures submitted as part of ONC;s annual budget formulation process. These measures track agency priorities for electronic health record adoption, health information exchange, patient engagement, and privacy and security. Each measure contains the annual estimate and a measure target, if applicable, for all the years the measure was reported in the ONC Budget.

Data Source: ONC Budget/various data sources

Data Range: 2009 - 2016

Last Updated: 09/30/2015

Download: [.csv]

*This data is API accessible. See /api for documentation and guidance on how to use the API.

Methods and Notes: Individual measures track ONC priorities and goals. Measures are estimated based off HHS/ONC surveys and program data. Targets are determined through both predictive analysis and political negotiation. Targets are usually set one year in advance.

Documentation data: [.json]

Data FieldData DescriptionAdditional Information
measurePerformance Measure // The official performance measure statement.The measure is expressed as either a percentage or a whole number.
measure_yearPerformance Measure Year // The year in which the measure was estimated. This corresponds to the budget year or fiscal year.The federal fiscal year is October to September. Some measures are estimated as of the end of the fiscal year; others are estimated for the calendar year, depending on when data are available.
measure_typePerformance Measure Estimate or Target // Whether the value pertains to a measure estimate or target.actual = measure estimate; target = measure target
measure_valuePerformance Measure Estimate or Target Value // The official measure estimation or target.
measure_statusPerformance Measure Status // Whether the measure continues to be estimated as part of the annual budget process, or if the measure has been discontinued.discontinued = historical measure only, not included in budgets beyond the last year of reported data

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