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Effects of Meaningful Use Functionalities on Health Care Quality, Safety, and Efficiency

Systematic Review of Literature from 2010-2013

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The entire list of articles examined for this literature review, including the findings from the review, can be accessed through the Dashboard. See the data page for full access to this data and its supporting documentation.


The 'Updated Systematic Review' reviews the January 2010 to August 2013 health IT literature to examine the effects of health IT across three aspects of care -- efficiency, quality, and safety. This report updates previous systematic reviews of the health IT literature, focusing specifically on identifying and summarizing the evidence related to the use of health IT as outlined in the Meaningful Use regulations.

Positive defined as health IT improved key aspects of care but none worse off; Mixed-positive defined as positive effects of health IT outweighed the negative effects; Neutral defined as health IT not associated with change in outcome; Negative defined as negative effects of health IT on outcome. Overall, the report reviews 236 titles with 279 unique impacts tabulated.


ONC analysis of: Jones, S.S.; Rudin, R.S.; Shekelle, P.G.; Shanman, R.; Timmer, M.; Motala, A.; Perry, T.R.; Health Information Technology: An Updated Systematic Review with a focus on Meaningful Use Functionalities (Prepared by Southern California Evidence Based Practice Center under Contract No. HHSP23337020T) Washington, D.C. February 2014.

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[1] Sentiment ratings reflect author(s)' conclusions of the impact of the Meaningful Use functionality on the relevant aspect of care (i.e., efficiency, quality, and safety.)

[2] Other Meaningful Use Functionalities: Barcode Medication Administration, Clinical Lab Test Results, Electronic Immunization Registries, Medication Lists, Patient Specific Education, Problem Lists, and Summary of Care Records

[3] The articles depicted by the visualization and table above can be further explored through a Google Scholor profile dedicated to this review.

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