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Physician e-Rx through an EHR

Percent of Physicians e-Prescribing through an Electronic Health Record
December 2013

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Quick Stat Graphic
Quick Stat Graphic

In the past five years, physician Electronic Health Record (EHR) adoption has surged, reaching all corners of the country. The percentage of physicians e-Prescribing via an EHR has accelerated from 7 percent in December 2008 to 66 percent as of December 2013.

See this graphic for an animation of e-Prescribing acceleration from 2008 through 2013.


ONC analysis of Surescripts e-Prescribing transaction data.


Maps depict the percent of physicians e-Prescribing through an EHR by county. Data as of December 2008 to December 2013.

Suggested Citation:

Office of the National Coordinator for Health Information Technology. 'Percent of Physicians e-Prescribing through an Electronic Health Record,' Health IT Quick-Stat #17. February 2014.