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HITECH Workforce Development Programs

Students Trained for Health IT Employment through the HITECH Workforce Development Programs

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Quick Stat Graphic
Quick Stat Graphic
Students Trained by Workforce Program
Program Academic Institution Students Trained
Community College Consortia Program Northwest Region: Bellevue College (lead) 3,904
Western Region: Los Rios Community College (lead) 2,641
Midwestern Region: Cuyahoga Community College (lead) 4,461
Southern Region: Pitt Community College (lead) 4,540
Northeastern Region: Tidewater Community College (lead) 4,187
Program Total 19,733
University-Based Training Program Columbia Univeristy 214
Duke University 108
George Washington University 250
Indiana University 71
Johns Hopkins University 214
Oregon Health & Science University 133
Texas State University 356
University of Colorado Denver, College of Nursing 156
University of Minnesota 202
Program Total 1,704
Combined Total Students Trained 21,437
Students Trained by State
State Students Trained State Students Trained State Students Trained
Alaska 127 Louisiana 254 Oklahoma 153
Alabama 83 Massachusetts 108 Oregon 505
Arkansas 80 Maryland 425 Pennsylvania 321
Arizona 399 Maine 205 Puerto Rico 9
California 2,122 Michigan 923 Rhode Island 15
Colorado 419 Minnesota 607 South Carolina 171
Connecticut 327 Missouri 309 South Dakota 321
District of Columbia 102 Mississippi 216 Tennessee 334
Delaware 7 Montana 294 Texas 1,255
Florida 1,161 North Carolina 809 Utah 322
Georgia 486 North Dakota 412 Virginia 923
Hawaii 104 Nebraska 369 Virgin Islands 2
Iowa 209 New Hampshire 37 Vermont 56
Idaho 256 New Jersey 1,357 Washington 546
Illinois 457 New Mexico 38 Wisconsin 500
Indiana 197 Nevada 108 West Virginia 73
Kansas 145 New York 1,021 Wyoming 36
Kentucky 157 Ohio 1,342

HITECH funded two distinct health IT workforce training programs: the University-Based Training Program and Community College Consortia Program. In total the two programs trained 21,437 students from all 50 states, the District of Columbia, Puerto Rico, and the U.S. Virgin Islands at 91 academic institutions.


ONC HITECH Workforce Programs Operations Data. Download the Workforce Program open dataset


[1] For more information, please read the Workforce Development Programs Final Evaluation Report, completed by NORC of the University of Chicago.

[2] For a quick summarization of Workforce Development Programs results, check out this ONC InfoGraphic.

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Office of the National Coordinator for Health Information Technology. 'Students Trained for Health IT Employment through the HITECH Workforce Development Programs,' Health IT Quick-Stat #20. March 2014.